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Greece is the ultimate destination not only for the summer, but for all seasons - 365 days a year; not only for its beautiful islands, but also for the hidden treasures of the Greek mainland which are yet to be explored.

Visitors have the opportunity to get to know the history and culture of our country by enjoying at the same time what is most modern in terms of tourist choices: accommodation in 5-star resorts, health & wellness in modern spas, wonderful city breaks, famous nightlife, entertainment, great shopping and phenomenal food, based on the healthy nutritious Greek diet. Experience the numerous choices offered to you in Greece - this inexhaustible destination that is one of the most competitive tourist brand names across the world.


Mideast Travel Worldwide has been awarded as WORLD’s and Europe’s Leading DMC for 2018 and Greece’s Leading DMC for 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017 by the World Travel Awards. Operating since 1983 as a travel agency that caters for the exclusive needs of the Arab tourists traveling to Greece, the company started adding more markets, attaining more partnerships, optimizing the quality of services offered and thus expanding the company’s customer base. Today, Mideast is listed among the top travel providers in Greece. Mideast offers its services worldwide from its Head Office in Athens as well as from its branches in Istanbul and in Mykonos. Since 2016, the company is the Official Partner of BCD Meetings & Events in Greece.


Established in 1933 with a fleet of five aircraft, Star Alliance member Turkish Airlines has a fleet of 332 (passenger and cargo) aircraft flying to 306 worldwide destinations as 257 international and 49 domestic, in 124 countries. More information about Turkish Airlines can be found on its official website www.turkishairlines.com or its social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, and Instagram.

Aegean Airlines, a member of Star Alliance, is Greece’s largest airline providing ever since its inception in 1999 until today, full service, premium quality short and medium haul services.

In 2013 AEGEAN acquired Olympic Air; as a result passengers now have increased flight frequencies and connections as well as improved accessibility to Greece’s islands, including some of the most remote ones. Total traffic of both companies reached 13.2m passengers in 2017.

Aegean Airlines, a member of Star Alliance, is Greece’s largest airline providing ever since its inception in 1999 until today, full service, premium quality short and medium haul services.

The company’s timetable includes a network of 153 destinations, in 44 countries in total. The flights are being performed with one of the youngest fleets in Europe, comprising of 61 aircraft. For 2019, AEGEAN adds 4 new destinations out of Athens: Ibiza, Sarajevo, Valencia and Tunis.

In June 2018 AEGEAN signed a Purchase Agreement with Airbus, for the order of up to 42 new generation aircraft of the A320neo family.

In 2018 The Company has been honored with the Skytrax World Airline award, as the best European regional airline for the 9th time and best cabin crew in Southern Europe in 2018. Among other distinctions, AEGEAN captured 5th place this year in the world’s 20 best airlines list (outside the U.S.) in this year’s Readers’ Choice Awards survey of Conde Nast Traveler, with more than 429,000 travelers taking part in the survey.


Middle East Airlines, member of the global SkyTeam alliance with a consolidated route network covering 1074 destinations in 177 countries, is the national airline of Lebanon and one of the leading Middle Eastern carriers. From its home base in Rafik Hariri International Airport in Beirut, Middle East Airlines flies to 33 international destinations in Europe, Middle East and West Africa. MEA’s fleet consist of 18 Airbus Aircraft. MEA offers its customers very luxurious services both on ground and on board, reflecting Lebanese culture and hospitality.


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Imagine a place that has is all, such a place are the Aegean islands!
Dodecanese, a dozen island beauties on the edge of the Aegean Endless beaches and unexplored islets, castles and ancient civilisations, cosmopolitan but at the same time unspoilt, these quintessentially Greek islands are above all charming and hospitable. A cluster of islands in the southeastern edge of the Aegean, jewels of all sizes decorating the big blue sea. The Dodecanese form a bridge between Europe and the East and everywhere you’ll see traces of peoples and cultures that made their mark over the centuries: Ionians, Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, Ottomans and Italians. Each island has a character all its own and all offer a plethora of opportunities for relaxation, sightseeing, adventures and gastronomical pleasure – with a backdrop of stunningly beautiful beaches. The journey begins: set sail for the Dodecanese, discover these islands’ beaches and cultures. They will never cease to surprise you. Your holidays here will be a montage of beautiful imagery and exciting, unforgettable experiences.

Cyclades, the crown jewels of the Aegean Dazzling white villages, golden beaches and clear azure water are just the start of what these islands have to offer . Within easy reach of Athens, these are the Aegean’s most precious gems. According to myth, the islands were the scraps that remained after a battle between giants. In blue and white colors, the islands come in all sizes and, though the ingredients are the same – incomparable light, translucent water, heavenly beaches, lustrous white buildings and bare rock, each one has its own distinct character. Whether you’re travelling with your family, friends or sweetheart, you’re bound to find your summer paradise in the sun in the Cyclades.

Crete is a jewel glistening in the Mediterranean Sea. It is the cradle of European civilization, lies in the southern frontier of Europe. The proud and hospitable Cretan people are famous for their culture, innovative spirit and nutritional habits. Crete combines the new alongside with the old and the ancient with the contemporary history. It is one of the most popular Greek tourist destinations!

The Peloponnese Region encompasses all the elements that one can see and experience in various parts of the country: From History to Gastronomy, Culture & Arts and Nature, the Region is an autonomous tourism destination full of gems waiting to be discovered such as 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 60 Archaeological Sites, 25 Museums, 150 Traditional Villages, 15 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, 25% of the Total Area Natura, 28 Blue Flag Beaches.Home to the prominent Greek antiquity, Homer’s main epic tales and Hercules Myths. Traditional settlements, archaeological sites, museums, Classical Byzantine monuments and monasteries and Venetian Castles are there for you explore. The Peloponnese is also known for its magnificent landscapes comprising of sun-drenched sandy beaches, hidden caves and lakes, trekking paths, vineyards and ski resorts. The Region of Peloponnese can satisfy the endeavors of every visitor; from sea and sun lovers, adventure seekers and wine and food indulgers to culture enthusiasts and sports fanatics. The Peloponnese is also a booming luxury and wedding destination with a series of quality big-scale investments modern integrated destination resorts and luxury hotels.