Why become a Participant

Find in just one day the perfect customers!

In 2020, and for the 6th consecutive year, the Greek Tourism Workshop continues to run and at our planned events, several Greek companies in the tourism sector as well as public institutions have already expressed their interest in sponsoring and participating.

In this context, we also invite you to be participants and we inform you, indicatively, on the features of the events and the benefits you will gain through your promotion:

  • The primary goal of the Greek Tourism Workshop 2020 is to boost the flow of high-income visitors from the markets of Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE.
  • The events are held under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism.
  • Historically, the events have been successful and the Greek Tourism Workshop constitutes now an established event in the countries that have been active since 2015, while it is being enthusiastically embraced by the tour operators and tour agents in the new markets due to the many years of experience and the specialized knowledge of the organizers.
  • The selection of the countries (Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE) for the events in 2020 was based on the interest of local tourist agents for Greece as a tourist destination and, on the other hand, on the demand of Greek entrepreneurs and travel agents to conduct B2B meetings in order to attract visitors from these promising tourist markets.
  • In the above mentioned countries, the Greek Tourism Workshop is the only one of its kind that exclusively promotes Greece as a tourist destination.
  • You will benefit from B2B meetings with the top local agents of the destination that come after a special invitation.
  • From the contacts you make, you will have immediate results, as local agents are looking for permanent associates, emphasizing on the current tourist season, responding to the high interest of their own customers.
  • Within just one day, you will ensure a dynamic clientele of travel agents seeking cooperation with companies that offer high quality tourist services.
  • In addition, you can participate in the raffle draw taking place during the Gala dinner.

Your company will also be promoted through our official website and facebook.


For more information, please contact Mr. Eric Engelen at +30 211  211 8871,
send an e-mail at marketing@greektourismworkshop.com
or click on the button below.